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Expanded PVC/Nitrile

This material is suitable for applications where resistance to extremes of temperature (-40°C to +116°C) and weather are required.  It also has flame retardant properties.  For these reasons it is often used in the automotive, electronic and construction industries.

It is also a very good material for oil sealing gaskets as well as anti vibration and cushioning applications.

Supplied in 2m x 1m sheets, 10m x 1m rolls or in strip form, with self-adhesive backing if required.  All are available in various thicknesses from 3mm to 25mm.

This material can be manufactured to meet either 'one-off' maintenance requirements or large volume production runs, utilising our high-speed cutting machinery.  This technology allows us to produce bespoke parts, cut to specific customer drawings and specifications.

We pride ourselves on the speed and quality of service we can provide to individual customer requirements.

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