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New design promotes both comfort and productivity with a unique 18mm thick construction. The Ultimate Anti-Fatigue Rubber mat.


  • Special rubber formulation offers the ultimate solution to a light and easy to handle product.
  • Directional drainage grooves remove water and grease, making for a safer environment.
  • No holes or cavities to trap bacteria.
  • Meets relevant food grade standards.
  • Special Nitrile construction ensures maximum grease resistance.


Warranty: Three year   limited warranty
Sizes: 0.9m x 1.5m
  0.9m   runner
  1.5m   runner
  Custom sizes available
Colour: Standard black
Formulation: Natural compounded rubber or
  Grease-resistant Nitrile compound.
Applications: Engineering Environments, Wineries,
  Restaurants and Food Processing


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