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Electrical Matting

Electrical safety or switchboard matting from AK Rubber is manufactured from a natural black rubber compound with a fine fluted upper surface and is finished with a cloth imprint on the back surface.

On the 2nd January 2013 BS921: 1976 Rubber Mats for Electrical Purposes was withdrawn by the BSI. 

This ends a product standard which has been the bench-mark for secondary electrical protection for the last 40 years.  It has been superceded by the International and European Standard IEC EN61111:2009

Live Working – Electrical Insulating Matting which has been the current UK electrical matting standard since 1992.   However, under CENELEC regulations, conflicting national product standards must now be withdrawn.

For anyone using BS921 or other rubber matting which claims to offer electrical protection, it is important that they carry out a risk assessment to ensure that their employees are protected from electrical hazards.  This is a statutory legal requirement for all those who are exposed to electrical hazards.

The following should be considered:

-          Has the product been tested by a qualified ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory?

-          Does the product have a test certificate?

-          Is the product correctly marked with a manufacture and test date?

 AK Rubber are taking this legislation very seriously, and are now stocking the new specification, tested and carrying the regulatory markings on the reverse every running metre. 







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